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We can help you with all your Wi-Fi issues including moving network sockets.

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WiFi Deadspots / WiFi distributionin


⁠Structured Cabling / Rack Mounting / Server Room Set-up


Business & Residential Network Cabling


⁠Network Upgrades / Fault find & fix / New Network Points / Network Documentation.


Slow Internet diagnostics and fixing


Cable Management (Trunking, Conduit, Wall Chase and Close)

Our range of services ensures that you stay connected effortlessly

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Our internet speeds vary depending on the plan you choose. We offer high-speed options suitable for activities like streaming, gaming, and remote work. Please refer to our service plans for specific speed details.

We provide a range of internet services, including high-speed broadband, fiber-optic connectivity, and wireless solutions. Our services cater to both residential and business needs.

Yes, we provide advanced Wifi solutions for seamless wireless connectivity. Our routers are designed to deliver strong and stable signals, allowing you to connect multiple devices without compromising speed.

Security is a top priority for us. Our networks utilize advanced encryption protocols and robust firewall protection to ensure the security of your data. We are committed to providing a safe online environment for our users.

Absolutely. Our customized business network solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of organizations. From reliable connectivity to secure data transfer, we have solutions to enhance your business operations.

Yes, our dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any connectivity issues or queries. We are committed to providing prompt and efficient support to ensure a smooth online experience for our users.

We leverage cutting-edge technologies, including fiber-optic connections and 5G technology, to provide our users with the latest advancements in networking. Our commitment to staying ahead technologically ensures a future-proof connectivity experience.

Yes, we offer flexibility in our plans. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan based on your changing needs. Contact our customer support, and they will guide you through the process.

Tiffany Moore
Tiffany Moore
Superb visit from the KwiQ team. I called them on Friday and they offered next day service to help me with an internet access point issue and my security cameras. I've struggled to find anyone who could help me speedily and affordably with this issue, and the technicians, Malcolm and Trygve were so helpful, friendly and knowledgeable, and fixed the issue so quickly.
Siphiwe Ngwenya
Siphiwe Ngwenya
Malcolm you are the best thank for connecting our dstv to the wifi